RAY TRADE Polska is based and incorporated in Warsaw, Poland and RAY TRADE Bangladesh is our office in Dhaka, Bangladesh to provide Business to Business (B2B) services to our clients based in Europe and Asia.

Poland is an ideal location for our businesses in Europe and stands out one of the fastest growing economies in Central Eastern Europe and geographically a perfect hub for all our activities within Europe.

Bangladesh is a strategic location for our businesses in Asia and stands out as one of the fastest growing economy in the world. However, in terms of real GDP growth Bangladesh ranked 4th among top 5 fastest growing key emerging economies in 2014. Geographically it’s an excellent destination for our business activities in Asia.

Our vision is to creating value for clients, partners, manufacturers, and service providers for sustainable economic growth through long term business synergy.

Our mission is to become the preferred business development partner for companies based in Europe and Asia.

What We Do:
We source quality products and services produced in Asia and Europe for our clients. Our dedication is to connecting different businesses from B2B, B2C through connections and contacts by using the power of technology. Our strength is our idea for business through positive cooperation, energy and global business mindsets.

Why We Do:
We see an opportunity of shifting global demand and supply chain. Emerging economies across Asia and Europe is becoming centre of this new growth opportunity for SMEs and MNEs, and having a strategic partner to develop the business is the key to success and growth opportunities.

How We Do:
Providing “one stop” business service solution for European companies and manufacturers interested to step into the Asian markets, and Asian companies and manufacturers interested to step into European markets.

We function with integrity, honesty and motivation, seeking to do what is morally and ethically right in all our business activities; we exist because of our clients and our aim is to provide them with superior value in every way possibly we can.